Invalid & Valid Coupon Codes, Free Lunches & almost Free Wallets

Coupon Code 3793083966602 is an invalid coupon! (How can it be $16 off when some of our wallets are only $7.95–there are no free lunches or free wallets right?) Someone posted it on a website thinking it was an active public promotion and then other websites copied it. It wasn’t our coupon offer at all, it was a shopping site promotion that was done months ago and that particular number belonged to another single customer of theirs who had $16 of credit.  It somehow got through the software monitor at our Yahoo! merchant store, and some people managed to place orders before we caught it manually. We quickly cancelled any resulting orders that came up with practically a free wallet! If you don’t get a shipped order confirmation email in the next 24 hours (Wednesday), your order has been cancelled and any charges refunded. If you do get a shipped order confirmation or check through your order tracking link and see that it was shipped, then you are one of the very lucky rascals who managed to get that order through our system before we caught this invalid coupon code! So kismet for you–Enjoy your Big Skinny at more or less our expense!

Valid: 15% off with code “HotPants” until Friday.    To help any customers with this unfortunate confusion & software glitch, we created a special goodwill 15% discount until Friday–just use our Big Skinny code “HotPants” when you replace your cancelled order. Thanks in advance for your understanding and enjoy your Big Skinnies.

Cheers and stay skinny,

Kiril Stefan Alexandrov

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